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About Us

Supreme Pharma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Supreme Health) is one of the fastest growing Indian pharmaceutical companies that is driven by quality and powered by innovation. Standing true to our name, we deliver supreme quality pharmaceutical products in our endeavor to make this world an affordable and a healthier place to live in.

Since our inception in 2014, we have been successful in creating trust and brand value in the minds of patients and all our business associates. Supreme Health is extremely vigilant in establishing and maintaining the highest quality standards meeting international quality norms. State-of-the-art manufacturing plants of our partnered companies are compliant with all international norms and are constantly evaluated for continual improvement. We pride ourselves in following and keeping ourselves abreast with the current global healthcare practices and CGMP norms....

Our strong commitment of providing quality products can be attributed to the in-depth industry knowledge, well-qualified team of professionals, as well as hi-tech and advanced infrastructure, which enables us to create mutually beneficial associations for all the stakeholders involved.

Relentless hunger for excellence and growth keeps us focused on our objective and drives us harder towards innovation. We have a wide range of products across several therapeutic categories like, analgesics, Gastrointestinal, Anti-diabetic, Cardiac, Antibiotics. Anti-infective, Anti-allergic, Antifungal, etc. helps patients to cure, recover, rejuvenate and live a better life.

Our innate concern for the patients makes us firmly believe that they deserve access to the best possible care. Thus we identify the need of our patients across various therapeutic areas and strive to optimize our presence in providing quality and cost-effective medicines. Our proactive approach towards using Information Technology accelerated our mission to manufacture and supply quality pharmaceutical products and services for a healthier world.

Our formulation brands are being marketed in multiple countries; of which dossiers are in CTD format along with its respective bioequivalence studies. Our synergistic collaboration with WHO-GMP manufacturing facilities is backed by an excellent rapport with our clients.

Good Health Globally

Good Health Globally

Vision Mission & Values


To be an innovative Indian multinational company that improves the quality of life globally by offering affordable quality healthcare.


To be at the forefront of advances in the pharmaceutical industry and achieve equitable growth based on strong work ethic comprising respect, integrity and fair trade practices.


Our values are ambitiously humane which drive and define us.

  • Total Quality Management : Keeping quality at the epitome in everything we do, we have incorporated this as an integral part of the way we operate and conduct our business. Supreme Health is extremely vigilant in establishing and maintaining absolute quality standards. We built our business operations by incorporating total quality management (TQM) concept.
  • Integrity : We keep our business consistent with all applicable laws and have adopted ethical business practices in dealing with all stakeholders’ viz. employees, suppliers, customer’s business associates, etc.
  • Excellence : Excellence in business is one value which is worthy of pursuit both in terms of customer satisfaction and personal growth. We ensure that this value is incorporated in every aspect of our business process, small or big
  • Respect for people : We treat each individual with utmost respect and have created an environment which is built on openness, harmony and peace. This not only enables us to practice a very important human trait but also establishes trust amongst all the stakeholders we deal with

Our Philosophy

Our motto has always been to extend good health globally. Supreme Health has achieved this goal to a great extent by delivering a variety of generic pharmaceutical products across the world. Our products invoke a perfect amalgamation of nourishment and strength which are essentially the core pillars of good health.

Supreme Health’s code of conduct :

SAFETY : Protecting life with SAFER pharmaceutical products.
The product is free from unknown side effects when used as directed.

IDENTITY : Uniqueness of identity
The identity of all our products is well established and is exactly as per the description present on the label. All personnel, equipment, actions and decisions involved in its production are identified and documented so that the process can be reconstructed from the records.

STRENGTH : STRENGTHENS health for better life.
Our product effectively delivers what its label claims throughout the product’s shelf life.

PURITY : PURITY is our priority.
Our product is free from microbial, chemical and physical contamination.

QUALITY : QUALITY products, you can trust
All our products meet the regulatory requirements wherever it is sold and the product quality can be replicated consistently, time after time.

Every single product that rolls out of our facilities has our guarantee of SUPREME (SISPQ compliant) quality.

Message From The Founders

Supreme Pharma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has consistently delivered its promises only because of the trust and confidence that our valued customers have shown us along with the strategic alliances we have with leading scientific and business partners, and the outstanding commitment exhibited by our employees.

Supreme Health understands the changes that are taking place in the business models of pharmaceutical organizations. These include decreasing costs of R&D, promoting innovation, enhancing productivity and exploring newer markets.

We assure all our customers of the highest ethical standards in our business practices. Supreme Health is keen on establishing itself as a decisive force in the marketplace on the basis of strategic leadership, innovation, reputation, quality manufacturing procedures and excellence in management practices. We will continue to strive for the benefit of our consumers, clients, business partners, employer and the society at large through excellence in strategic scientific leadership and commercial success.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ~ Albert Einstein

We, at Supreme Health, strongly believe in the power of giving back to the society. For us, it is more of a pleasure than duty to contribute towards the welfare of our society.

Our fight against cancer :

We work closely with cancer associations across India and have contributed valuable resources such as medicines, medical assistance, etc. over the years. We strive to improve their lives by creating a holistic environment they deserve.Through our trust we also run a free medical clinic in Mumbai, India for the accompanying relatives of out of station cancer patients.

Education for the well deserved :

We provide the underprivileged students with necessary study materials for their schools and colleges.....

We ensure that they have better infrastructure during their study years and encourage them to explore new horizons.

The gift of better quality of life :

We have been providing the local underprivileged people with clothes, utensils, groceries, etc. regularly. On occasion of any festivals we organize special drives to spread cheer amongst the less fortunate families by gifting them with daily utilities.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein