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Our Partnering Policy

Our Partnering Policy

Our Partnering Policy : Supreme Health is forever available fort the requirements and support to the partners. We measure our success in terms of our customer satisfaction and so far, we are successful in building incredible partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry across the globe. We strive hard to strengthen our relationship with our associates. We believe in growing hand in hand along with our partners.

Our Partnerships : We offer customized packages of superior quality products to our international customers especially in West and East Africa, South East Asia, Central and South America. We offer a wide range of products that are available across various therapeutic areas in several countries. We work relentlessly towards patient’s needs and deliver a quality product that assures care and safety. We also have a team of experts that provide optimum support service in technical documentations as and when required.

Customization of products : Supreme Health works towards filling gaps in the pharmaceutical market by providing quality pharmaceuticals formulations and a product range that can be associated with reliability, affordability and quality. We are producing various finished formulations and successfully marketing it in several countries and we provide our brands to our distributors and partners in various parts of the world with suitable marketing arrangements in line with the country-specific business model.

Co-Marketing : Supreme Health believes in building brands on which patients can put their trust and build a better and healthy world. Our team of experts works relentlessly towards developing strong strategically evolved plans that establishes a stronger and a longer product life cycle of Supreme Health brands in association with overseas business associates. It has always been our attempt to develop marketing strategies that will pave our path in the emerging markets and reaching millions of lives and making healthcare accessible.

The key reasons that have fuelled Supreme Health’s partnerships are:

  • Cost effective international distribution and marketing tie-ups with our clients
  • Full-service procurement, order processing, shipping with personalized invoice
  • Quality, reliability and competitive product design
  • Exclusive marketing and distribution rights to our clients
  • Transparency in dealing with the customers/partners to build long-lasting business relationships of mutual interest
  • Regular and timely delivery with continuity in supply

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